By opening a MWABank Deposit or Credit Card Account (unless declined in online application) I/we, the undersigned applicant(s) for Social Membership (if not a beneficial member) in Modern Woodmen of America, hereby make the following statement.

I/we do endorse and support the objectives and purpose of the Society and agree with the fundamental principles of Modern Woodmen of America as stated in the Modern Woodmen of America Creed as stated below.

I/we understand that Social membership in Modern Woodmen of America, hereby applied for shall entitle me only to the advantages and privileges of such membership, and that, if admitted to membership upon this application, I will not be entitled to, nor, in the event of my death, will my heirs, estate, or representatives be entitled to, any monetary benefits from the Society. I fully understand that any other application heretofore or hereafter made by me for beneficial membership is of no effect unless same is accepted and membership completed in full compliance with the By-laws of the Society. I agree to comply with and confirm to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of the Society, as now in force, or as hereafter amended.



Modern Woodmen of America members share a belief in helping others, which is expressed in the Modern Woodmen Creed.


“There is a destiny that makes us brothers;
None goes his way alone;
All that we send into the lives of others
Comes back into our own.”

                                       Edwin Markham



  The objectives and purposes of Modern Woodmen include:
  •  Bringing together persons of exemplary habits and good moral character into the fraternal benefit society and thereby providing for the social, intellectual, moral, financial and physical improvements of its members
  •  Promoting fraternal relationships and fostering acts of charity and benevolence by and among its members
  •  Providing opportunities for service to others and positive community impact though local volunteer projects
  •  Promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship
  •  Encouraging and supporting quality family life through education, fraternal activities and financial security
  •  Providing death, disability, annuity and other benefits, rights and privileges to its members and their beneficiaries


  Become a social member of Modern Woodmen of America. There’s no cost or obligation. The opportunity is available to you because you own a financial product from one of Modern Woodmen of America’s subsidiaries, MWABank. Social membership opens the door to these Modern Woodmen of America member benefits* for you and your family.
  • Family Activities – Picnics, ball games and trips to the zoo at reduced prices are examples of social events your family can attend as members of Modern Woodmen of America chapters. Additionally you can participate in fun and gratifying volunteer projects. You’ll receive invitations to activities in your area from your local chapter activities coordinator.
    • Child Identification Kit – Gain peace of mind with this free benefit. The kit gives you a place to store your child’s fingerprints, DNA samples, personal information, medical and dental records, and photograph – identification information that you may need in an emergency. Plus your child can wear the kit’s Safe Shoes Child ID label in his/her shoe and always have contact information concealed, yet accessible. Call 1-800-447-9811 to request a kit.
  •  Medical resources – You can call Modern Woodmen of America’s Service Center at 1-800-447-9811 to request a prescription drug discount card, Medic Alert membership application, a colon-rectal screening kit, a family home eye test, blood sugar testing kit and a carbon monoxide badge. These medical resources are free to members.
  •  The Modern Woodmen magazine – This free, quarterly magazine offers ideas for reaching financial goals and enhancing families and communities. Plus it will keep you informed about Modern Woodmen of America’s products, programs and activities.
    To learn more about the products and member benefits available from Modern Woodmen of America, call your local Modern Woodmen of America representative today or visit our web site at

* Modern Woodmen fraternal benefits may have specific eligibility requirements.